Looking to invest in property?

If you are a property investor, finding a competitive investment loan is an important part of maximising returns from your investment.

As an investor, you have the option to choose between a variable rate and a fixed rate home loan.

However, Investment loans are different to how standard home loans work because they have stricter eligibility requirements. Investment loans often require a higher loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR), meaning investors need to raise a larger deposit before applying for a loan. They also have a slightly higher interest rate on average than residential home loans do.

At Collective Financial Solutions, we have access to over 50 lenders, including major banks and non-bank lenders.

If you are an investor looking to secure finance for a property, contact our team today to discuss your options.

Stress-free loan process

Here are a few things that can help make your investment loan process stress-free:

Lenders like to see that you are making all your existing payments on time, such as existing loan repayments, phone bills, utility bills, credit card bills, etc.

Be as ready as you can be by filing all your electronic or hard copy bills. Having your documentation all together will speed up your application process.

Do you have existing equity? For many, using existing equity as a deposit for their investment property is a popular option for first time investors.

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Sam was knowledgeable and patient with my questions. He was also very no prompt at every stage and made the entire refinance process seamless. I’d highly recommend Sam if you want a great mortgage broker. I will definitely reach out to him the next time I need a service.

Rhiana Power

Lisa was an excellent professional, very supportive and making the impossible Possible! So happy I met Lisa in my journey investing on properties.

Highly recommended 😃😃😃😃😃. Thanks very much Lisa.

Giovanna Soto

Sam was a pleasure to deal with the entire experience. He was always happy to answer any questions we had and explained everything thoroughly. The whole experience was stress free and very easy thanks to Sam’s help. Look forward to working with him again in future.

Andrew Cleary

Tax deductions

Expenses that you make for your investment property can be claimed as tax deductions to reduce your taxable rental income while you’re renting it out, and your capital gains tax if you sell the property.

The tax deductions you can claim for an investment property include:

  • Interest on the investment loan
  • Home and contents insurance and landlord insurance
  • Real estate agent’s commission
  • Maintenance costs
  • Council rates
  • Decline in value of depreciating assets
  • Construction costs (“capital works”)
  • Travel expenses to the property to do an inspection, maintenance or repairs
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